The practice

Gratitude is rooted in practice. And Gratitude is one of the most fundamental keys to human evolution. It is the the practice of designing art, processes, services, events, journeys, and environments that will have one improve and transform the quality of one’s life and relationships.

We imagine a world where:

  • Gratitude is recognized as an area of life to grow and develop.

  • People feel good when they are at work, play, and home.

  • Our family and friends receive more love and gratitude in the mail than bills.

  • All creations and relations feel loved and appreciated.

FACT: U.S. Department of Labor did a study and discovered the #1 reason why people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated!

Your partnership and participation to work with us is helping us solve this problem! We offer a range of transformative experiences:



Personal practice

Personal practice is an invitation to go inward to examine the rituals, routines, and habits and re-establish a new relationship to gratitude in your life.

  • A consultation with founders to design a set of rituals and practices grounded in gratitude.

  • 3 or 6 month programs where you are supported with setting goals, re-imagining relationships, and actively exercising your gratitude muscle.


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Collective Genius

Collective genius is an opportunity to do the work of gratitude together with other magical beings who are committed to sharing the power of gratitude.

  • Group-style Gratitude & Human Development workshops that guide the collective to shift from negative to positive mindsets

  • 1 or 2 day intensive trainings for Corporate/Non-profit tailored to support organizational strategy and goals around retention, employee experience, and leadership development.


Higher Learning

Higher Learning is access to an abundance of experiences to add to your tool kit that will move you toward higher consciousness.

  • 21-day Challenges centered around developing the gratitude muscle.

  • Collaborative Wellness Retreats & Intensives that blend various cultural practices like meditation, yoga, breathwork, alternative medicine, & sound healing.

  • New and Full Moon Circles & Sound Ceremony



Goods are those fun-filled artifacts, tools, and products you can put in your goodie bag to give to your friends, family, or colleagues at your next celebration!

  • Consulting on the development and creation of paper and home goods for personal or professional needs.

  • Creative and design support on projects rooted in Gratitude





Love & Gratitude are the highest vibration
They move you toward complete happiness
May all that you do and all that you are be on that frequency

Practice with us! #GratuityIncluded