Our mission is to share the power of gratitude.


Our vision is to elevate the frequency of love on the planet.


We believe in the power of spirit. We are responsible for communing with Spirit by thinking thoughts of love and gratitude.

We believe in the spirit of connectedness. We are responsible for dismantling the illusion of separation and unveiling the threads that unite us as one.

We believe in the spirit of care. We are responsible for caring for ourselves first, so that we may serve and appreciate one another and the planet. (In other words - you gotta give a f*ck.)

We believe in the spirit of creativity. We are responsible for creating space for Spirit to unleash our unique loving expressions.

We believe in the spirit of self-expression. We are responsible for acknowledging ourselves fully, authentically, and in the direction of love and gratitude. 

We believe in the spirit of reciprocity. We are responsible for generating the flow between giving and receiving kindness to grow a just, sustainable, and life-affirming planet.

We believe in the spirit of practice. We are responsible for cultivating the habit and/or ritual of daily gratitude to transform the quality of our lives.