5 Major Keys to Gratitude

While our team was doing “It’s LIT” research....we scour the universe for articles and books on gratitude and put them in our database.

We started a new practice of reading and reviewing the content of all literature we find on gratitude. We come back together and discuss in a rich dialogue. 

We found two articles to digest and dig into: 
1.  How Gratitude Leads to a Happier Life by Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D and
2. How to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle to Gratitude by Tom Gilovich.

We spent some time dissecting these two articles and diving in deeper into the life-changing habit of gratitude. Now, while most of what is in the article are things we already knew, we took the liberty to reframe some insights and saw from a fresh perspective. One thing that is obvious and confirmed again in the articles is that writing gratitude diaries/journals seems to be beneficial no matter what. This insight is going to inform our next product - a gratitude journal!

Nonetheless, we discovered 5 five major keys of gratitude and thought we’d share with the team! We’d love your insight and to begin to start a dialogue about the magic of gratitude. Feel free to comment!

Written by Ashley Mui and Michaela Wright.
5 Major Keys.png