Getting to Know the Gratitude Crew: Human


Name: Human

Brief intro: Visionary. Imagineer. Alchemist. Co-Founder of Gratuity Included.

Where are you from? Planet Brooklyn. And you say New York City!

What is your conversation with spirit?

My conversation with Spirit is one of consciousness beyond time. On occasion I find myself operating on clock time in the effort to make every moment matter. Because time is currency for me and I am a steward of Source’s time, I’m not in the business of letting it go to waste. The entrepreneurial pressures of family, projects, and relationships can make me feel that I don’t have enough time to do more of the creative things that are important to me. But Spirit is not without a sense of humor reminding me we don’t get true fulfillment through time management, but rather by living in the eternal here and now. Presence, patience, and gratitude give way to self-awareness, self-unfolding, and total inner fulfillment. My conversation with Spirit reveals when we manage the time demands of our life from our timeless self, then every moment of life matters. Gratuity included.

What do you do to practice gratitude daily?

I begin and end the day with gratitude in advance. Prayer + meditation are my daily rituals - prayer to talk to Source and express gratitude for the day’s offerings; meditation to listen to Source’s response and unveil gratitude I might have otherwise missed. I’m far from traditional in my approach so even praise and worship can show up as clapping, dancing, uplifted hands or hands on two DJ decks — whatever lends kindly to proper emotional release, full self-expression, and refreshment.

Ashley Mui