Getting to Know the Gratitude Crew: Ashley Mui


Name: Ashley Mui

Brief intro: Gratitude Guru. Producer. Author. Sister. Auntie. Grand-daughter. 

Where are you from? My mother Norina and my father Ken are from China. I was birthed in the native lands of what is now called, San Francisco, CA

What is your conversation with spirit?

My conversation with Spirit has been around the power of sound. Spirit has gifted this remarkable secret that EVERYTHING in the Universe is created by sound. And since then I have been exploring sound as a form of healing. I spent 9 days in Poland at a Sound Healing retreat, and actively participate in many sound baths in SF, LA, & NYC. The most magical part is that I have been incorporating music in workshops that I lead, in various ceremonies & circles I hold. It has been a truly remarkable journey thus far. I have become a better listening, I have become more in tune with my own inner voice. It keeps my mind, heart, and spirit open to the melodies the Universe sings. Spirit reminds me to listen to all of life’s creations - dripping water, lights flickering, a buzz of a bee, a hummmmmm of a car, a song on the radio, kids running across hardwood floors...all if this music has message in it. The most wonderful part of my sound journey is that I realize that music-making is apart of my nature. I have been using my own voice, and all the instruments I’ve collected along the way to heal myself. And for this I am grateful.

What do you do to practice gratitude daily?

 Morning gratitude prayer - I begin with: Thank you creator for the gift of life I am given...and then I flow into a stream of consciousness of all the things I am grateful for. I light sage, cedar, or palo santo. And I sit in meditation for a couple of mins. It revitalizes my Spirit!






Ashley Mui